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Personal Gourmet has created a healthy balanced food program that allows you to keep all the great taste of gourmet food while learning how to eat properly and healthily. Choose a program to reach your health goals.
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Our frozen Supermarket meals are made fresh on a weekly basis and delivered frozen. Choose calorie levels ranging from 300-800 calorie meals to fit your daily caloric consumption. Minimum food order is $60. 
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We take the guesswork out of juicing by providing a combination of juices to ensure you get all of the required vitamins, minerals and energy. Our juice, like our food, is all natural and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals.
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I love the program! After having a third child, I found it very hard to lose the weight on my own, especially when breastfeeding. Personal gourmet helped me achieve my pre-pregnancy weight and lose the last 10 pounds in under a month! The food was delicious and easy for a mom on the go. Thank you for all your help!
In reference to your email about sending in success stories, here's mine! I started with Personal Gourmet just over a month ago and I'm very happy to say that I've lost over 14 pounds over those four weeks! And I'm in this for the long haul, and considering how much I weigh, 400 pounds, that haul is going to be pretty long! 
To whom it may concern I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your service. The deliveries thus far have been very punctual and the food quality is second to none. I am a busy career woman and mother of three and to have fresh, delicious meals at my disposal is truly a treat. Thank you, your time and effort is much appreciated!! :)

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